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Development of Work Health and Safety awareness training packages for all levels of worker and across all relevant systems of work. These packages are mapped against relevant legislation where required and are a simple awareness training package straight off the shelf. We can amend to suit and include operational requirements and can also develop specific packages to meet your needs. 

MTSS can develop and implement WHS management plans to suit your business objectives to assist you to effectively manage WHS from the planning stage through to the end product and/or service.

MTSS has the skills to critically look at your current contractor management systems to ensure the risk to your organisation, your people, your stakeholders and the general public is minimised and controlled.

MTSS can alleviate the complexities and confusion that legislative obligations can bring by developing a legal register that suits your business needs, is easy to maintain and keep updated, ultimately assisting you in meeting your due diligence requirements.

We have the expertise to analyse incident information including the identification of the critical failures that contributed to the incident. We have interviewing techniques that enable us to draw vital information from employees/workers while filtering out unsubstantiated data which could skew the incident investigation findings.

Risk management allows your business to forecast and evaluate business risks thereby being able to avoid or minimise the impact they have. 

We can utilise your own risk assessment tool during the team based risk assessment process or develop a complete risk assessment package using AS/NZS 31000:2009 as a guideline that your organisation can adopt to meet your specific needs.

Not having an emergency plan could lead to severe losses including multiple casualties and possible financial collapse of the organization. A gap analysis can ascertain the current situation and determine where action is critically needed.

MTSS is capable of organising the entire WHS component of your project mobilisation from recruitment of key WHS personnel through to training and assessment of your new workforce by qualified experienced personnel.

Solve your long and short term staffing requirements.

MTSS have staffing solutions to help any organisation meet their Work Health and Safety objectives.

Gap analysis is a process that assesses the level of compliance against the key deliverables identified within the WHS Management Plan and identifies opportunities for improvement. By conducting this review, you will be assured that you have met legislative compliance in all areas and that due diligence is being applied. 

MTSS has the necessary skills and experience to provide a third party perspective of how your systems are being applied and delivered.

MTSS' extensive experience undertaking audits against 4801, 18001, Federal Safety Commission Scheme, legislation and general systems compliance requirements places MTSS in the preferred supplier category with its clients for auditing and for the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner.

At MTSS. we have a selection of toolbox talks that cover every topic found in a standard safety program.

The toolbox talks are tailored to your organisation's requirements. They are formatted in a logical easy to view and read sequence and they can be used as handout or posters or even basic delivery skills training. Toolbox talks are an essential requirement for a safe site and MTSS will assist the quality and presentation of your communication efforts.

MTSS Consultants have the ability to assist you in gaining OFSC accreditation. (Office of Federal Safety Commissioner

MTSS have extensive industry experience that allows us to assist your WHS personnel to understand their role within safety in your business. 

MTSS can provide expert Health, Safety and Environment advice and critically examine your Safety Management Systems, identify gaps and provide practical, cost effective solutions to overcome any identified shortfalls.

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