Gap analysis is a process that assesses the level of compliance against the key deliverables identified within the WHS Management Plan and identifies opportunities for improvement. By conducting this review, you will be assured that you have met legislative compliance in all areas and that due diligence is being applied. 

MTSS has the necessary skills and experience to provide a third party perspective of how your systems are being applied and delivered.

Some of the areas where these assessments can be completed are:

  • AS 4801/OHSAS 18001 criteria
  • Federal Accreditation Criteria
  • Construction - major hazard assessments
  • Mining system audits (Surface, Underground and Exploration)
  • Legislative Compliance audits
  • Plant and Equipment risk assessments
  • Electrical compliance audits
  • Due Diligence reviews

It is critical that organisations take a proactive approach towards ensuring the systems they currently have in place will be effective in ensuring the safety of their clients, public, workforce and contractors working on or near their projects.

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